The Power of Influence – Icke verbal kommunikation med Michael Grinder, May 2017, Stockholm och Helsingborg


Michael Grinder is a master of, and world renown expert in, the science of non-verbal communication, non-verbal leadership skill development, group dynamics, advanced relationship building skills and presentation skills.

Michael Grinder is the pioneer in teaching others how to perceive non-verbal communication in a group setting.

Working both in the corporate world and within schools ,with trainers and educators, Michael is dedicated to the concept that we are in love with, the influence of power, when we should really be in love with the power of influence, and to teaching others how to use influence non verbally. He has spent his life studying, dissecting and teaching the complexity that underlies all communication.

MGA provides training in non-verbal communication, group dynamics, influence skills and permission for school districts, corporations and individuals. At this time, MGA offers training for education, public seminars and corporate in-house settings.

In this two day training, The Power of Influence,  with Michael you will learn about:

Non verbal communication

Communication is comprised of the verbal and non-verbal aspects. The verbal component is words; the non-verbals are the facial expressions, voice patterns, gestures, body language (including the closeness and distance to people, locations and breathing. Often each culture has their own language (verbal) and their style of delivery (non-verbals).

Non Verbals account for 80 to 90% of what is being communicated.

Non verbal Intelligence

Non-verbal Intelligence is the ability to recognize, label, predict the effect, and respond to non-verbal patterns of communication. With training, communicators increase their non-verbal intelligence and become more effective as communicators and leaders.

How Not to Get Shot – The Culture of Influence

Sometimes as messengers, how do we convey factual information that is often interpreted as negative by the others without becoming associated in their minds with their reactions to the message? Our goals is to preserve the relationship while delivering the news. Eight components make up for effectively communicating the ”bad message” and you can learn how to do this. You will notice a remarkable improvement in your leadership communication when you use these techniques.

What is Charisma — The Art of Relationships, an analogy of cats and dog

Why do some people seem to attract attention, to have charisma when they walk into a room? What if you too, could tap into your persuasive communicator and strengthen interpersonal relationships? We all have moments when we influence others. During this course you will learn concrete ways to use non-verbal techniques and group dynamics to benefit everybody you interact with — especially yourself!

Group dynamic communication

From Michal Grinders development, a unique, new science of non-verbal group dynamic communication, that is rich in practical skills that can transform:

  • the way leaders connect with, inspire and motivate their teams
  • the way they build their teams
  • the way people deal with conflict
  • the way we deliver presentations
  • the way we deliver other than good information
  • the way we maintain our relationships with people
  • the way we communicate with everyone in our lives

“A colleague at work asked me how the course was and I told him. All other courses I have been to earlier turn out to be pale in when you compare it to the quality of what Michael delivers. It is like comparing a toolbox from K-mart with a toolbox from NASA…”

—Hans-Peter Eriksson
Affärsområdeschef – Marknad & kommunikation, Sandviken Energi

Welcome to this two day training with Michael Grinder in Sweden:

Stockholm, May 18-19, 09.00- 16.30, 2016, Book here – boka här
Helsingborg, May 22-23, 09.00-16.30, 2016, Book here – boka här


Price: 6.995 SEK plus vat (moms) including lunch and coffee. Book before December 15th, 2016, and your price is 5.995 SEK plus vat.

Special offer for teachers and leaders from the educational area (primary and secondary school)
Price: 4.995 SEK plus vat (moms) including lunch and coffee.  Book before December 15th, 2016, and your price is 3.995 SEK plus vat.

The last day for registration is April 12, 2016.

Please note that we have a limit on number of participants for these occasions.

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