Getting and maintaining client attention, by Nick Kemp

SWINDON GROUPThe art of getting and maintaining client attention – An introduction to PCW for Business by Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp has been involved in business development for over three decades, including setting up a number of start-up operations which became multi million pound concerns

Nick created the PCW model which helps businesses discover creative and long-lasting solutions to business challenges and teaches in house trainings as well as trainings in the public domain. This PCW for Business introduction in Stockholm will be the first one ever presented in Sweden. This two day workshop will include the following

The art of getting and maintaining client attention

  • The importance of the first 7 – 10 seconds on the phone
  • The secret of developing a great brand
  • Strategic thinking in business to get great results
  • Common mistakes in business and how to avoid them
  • Creating a great online presence

What business leaders are saying about Nick Kemp

 ”Everybody enjoyed the course immensely and I would like to thank you for guiding us through a very useful and insightful two days.  
Great feedback and lots of good work done after the course as well.”

Jacqueline de Rojas
Vice President McAfee UK and Ireland

”Our Business is one of the most progressive companies in the UK at exporting beverages. We are the single largest exporter of British ales in the UK, trading in over 50 countries and over 150 importers.

As we look to grow our business, communication on the phone is a huge part of making this growth occur through sales and effective relationship building.

One day with Nick Kemp has completely revolutionised the manner in which we talk to our customers and suppliers. We achieved all the goals for the day but the session also acted as a good team building exercise as it was hugely interactive and great fun also.

I would have no qualms recommending Nick to any business no mater how small or large, it will be a game changer ”

David Davies
Managing Director at Sovereign Beverage

”I’ve been in the retail business for eight years and have had a lot of success until this year, when retail hit a low point. After a major upsizing last year, sales weren’t covering overheads and the business couldnt’ve survived. I brought in the services of Nick Kemp for advise on areas that we could change to get customers back through the doors again.

After a friendly, informal chat over breakfast outside of my shop, Nick suggested loads of things to attract more customers into the shop, like simply adding more colour to the window! This alone increased customer traffic dramatically.

After seeing Nick and implementing just a few of his ideas, within ONE week, the business completely turned around! And to think, i’ve only implemented about 10% of the ideas so far! Now, it’s a case of finding out just how much money the shop can make! Fun times!

If you are looking for a way to increase sales and efficiency in your business, I can whole-heartedly recommend Nick Kemp as a Business Consultant.”

Julie Lingard
AQ/AQ International Fashion brand

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